Caravan Way

Caravan Way is the main thoroughfare through the trade districts. The broad avenue grants mounted riders the room necessary to maneuver through scattered clusters of pedestrians and street vendors hawking their wares. Caravan Way meanders through the main tradesmen’s district into the Merchant’s District where it circles Iron Square.

The shops bordering Caravan Way cater to merchants and visitors to Tyr. They possess the widest variety of merchandise available in the city One shop may offer leather goods-waterskins, harnesses, cargo covers and such, while another displays suits of chitin armor and barding, and so on.

Businesses along Caravan way include:

draqoman station
Grik’s Weaponry
•Messenger’s Mount
•The Golden Inix Inn
•Shining Sands Laundry
•Devyn’s Desertwear
•Ezar’s Storehouse

Caravan Way

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