Tag: [[dwarf]]


  • Golden Inix Inn

    A tavern frequented by merchants and traders, located mid-way down [[Caravan Way]]. The barkeeper here is a dwarf named [[:gornal]]. It is known to [[Veiled Alliance]] members in [[Tyr]] that this is a contact point for its members.

  • Kled

    Kled is a client village northeast of the [[Tyr]] Valley region. It is a large village populated almost entirely by dwaves. !http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa435/Black-Paws/Dark%20Sun%20Photos/Dark%20Sun%20Maps/Mapas_-_Dark_Sun_35_-_Vilarejo.jpg!

  • Rovek

    Rovek is a minor merchant in the employ of [[:mar-juk-adan-1]]. His standing with the caravan master is tenuous. Rovek often gives out far too many "good" deals to those with whom he feel kinship, those being gladiators. An ex-slave, Juk-Adan won Rovek …

  • Gornal

    Gornal is the barkeep at The Golden Inix Inn, a tavern midway between the ziggurat and the gate along Caravan Way. He is soft-spoken and moves with slow, sure movements. Very tolerant in nature, his good humor tends to draw in customers that offer …

  • Bharach

    Bharach is a dwarf from the village of [[Kled]], where he works in his father's stonecutting business--[[Kleth's Stonewoks]]. Bharach is young and trusting, and seems to seek a life beyond the low stone walls of his village.