Tag: [[Mennigar]]


  • Mennigar

    A vassal family devoted to service of the Asticles Family. [[:barristol]] Mennigar is the head of the family. His nephew, [[:captain-talik]] Mennigar, is Aegis of Asticles' Captain of the House Guard.

  • Captain Talik

    Captain of the house guard of the Asticles Estate. Talik is a member of the lesser noble family [[Mennigar]], a vassal family in service to the Asticles Family. Talik served for 7 years in the standing army of Tyr before retiring and assuming his …

  • Barristol

    The Housemaster of the Asticles estate, Barristol is a consumate diplomat. Any and all visitors to the estate must pass his scrutiny at some point, and those found lacking are politely shown the gate. Barristol manages all aspects of the manor house of …