The Wastewalker

Medium Ssuran with black scales and an extremly long tail, wearing tattered robes.


A powerful ssuran mystic caliming to be the herald of Ul-Athra, The Mouths of Thirst. Powerful abilities to control elements of sand, wind, silt, and obisidian and a seemingly endless horde of ssuran zealots made this prophet of the great silt kraken a formidable foe. This dusty foe terrorized The Tablelands, and in particular The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes.

Rumors circulate that a wayward caravan lead by Thea Wavir and a band of mercenary heroes defeated The Wastewalker near the edge of the estate of Aegis of Asticles, with the fatal conflict led by Nihon of Tyr, Katch’ka the thri-kreen, and Brandis-a gladiator mercenary formally of The Crimson Legion.

The Wastewalker

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