Male Human, early fifties, slight of build, black hair, dark brown eyes, long thin mustache and goatee


Khorvak is a high-ranking templar in the city of Tyr. Khorvak began his career at a young age under the rule of Kalak, and after the sorcerer-king’s fall he found new opportunities to enhance his position by exploiting independent adventurers in a wide variety of tasks. Most often, these assignments ppromoted the general good in Tyr, and proved lucrative for his agents. Ultimately, these missions were the most fruitful for Khorvak himself, reaping the benefits of far-reaching negootitions with a vast network of contacts across much of The Tablelands.

Today, some 10 years after Kalak’s removal, Khorvak is the Master of Games for the arena in Tyr. His past experience in wrangling free agents has alloowed him to operate in his capacity as manager of the arena in ways few would expect. Rumors abound that Khorvak uses the arena to screen potential members of a military force he keeps in secret. Others whisper that the templar has intentionally sought his position in order to explore the dark secrets of Kalak’s Ziggurat.

Whatever the reasons for his ascension to his current rank, Khorvak remains one of he most powerful men in the Tyr valley region.

Khorvak maintains a working relationship with Loren of Tyr, the most accomplished gladiator in the city and who often mentors promising candidates from Khorvak’s personal stable.


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