Male dwarf, dark-skinned, breeks and leather apron, brown eyes


Gornal is the barkeep at The Golden Inix Inn, a tavern midway between the ziggurat and the gate along Caravan Way. He is soft-spoken and moves with slow, sure movements. Very tolerant in nature, his good humor tends to draw in customers that offer little drama. Merchants and dune traders make up the bulk of his clientel, and Gornal goes to great lengths to ensure that whatever happens in The Golden Inix, stays in The Golden Inix.

Gornal is a member of The Veiled Alliance in Tyr.

Nihan Mish’ral knows that Gornal is a contact for The Veiled Alliance.

Asking for a mug of "mekkilot fire’’ is a contact sign for the Veiled Alliance Gornal recognizes.


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