Medium Half-Elf, tall, mid twenties. Black hair, dark eyes.


The Housemaster of the Asticles estate, Barristol is a consumate diplomat. Any and all visitors to the estate must pass his scrutiny at some point, and those found lacking are politely shown the gate. Barristol manages all aspects of the manor house of Aegis, from its housekeeping and provisioning to decorations and furnishings to any and all events held there.

The Housemaster speaks all languages of the major races of Athas, as well as being fluent in most customs and social particulars of said races. In addition, he is a master of The Way having received his training from Aegis himself.

Barristol’s family, the Mennigar family, is a vassal family that has been in the service of the Asticles family for many generations.

The ultimate professional, Barristol maintains an air of cool detachment in even the most chaotic situations.


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