Adallah is the house scribe for Aegis of Asticles. She lives on the estate grounds in the servant’s house, but spends most of her time either in the library of Asticles Manor, or attending the tasks set by Barristol, the Housemaster. Rarely does she report to Aegis directly while at the manor, though she often accompanies him to the city of Tyr to record minutes at meetings of the Revolutionary Council for him.

Adallah has a razor sharp wit, and an eye for detail that misses few things. As beautiful as she is insightful, Adallah is rarely seen without a smile on her face and moves with an easy way about any room she enters.

Adallah has been in the service of Aegis for two years.

Update 5/1/11:

Adallah has left the service of Aegis of Asticles, and thrown her lot in with Thea Wavir. Currently the former scribe is being taught the finer points of ettiquette as well as being given training in several liberal arts. A point of consternation for her is that her employer, Thea, has forbidden her to be with a man until such time as she has been properly trained. Her fascination with Nihan Mish’al has thus been put on a leash.


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